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Call me Jad, I'm basically an artist who's
also interested in improving and animating, I'm mostly active on Deviantart but i'll try to spend some time here, Expect some content to be posted here.
(oh I love Moomins and Yoshis) (also a Christ follower)

Age 19

Homeschooled yo nunts

Why does that matter?

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Hello you guys, it's been awhile.

I'm not sure if you guys noticed(or even cared), but I was gone for a long time now, and it seems like I barely post here.

Well, that's probably gonna change, as I'm going to try to be as more active here as possible.

I was mostly active on Deviantart, but ever since the eclipse rolled in and the fact that users can no longer switch to the old version of DA, I've been a little bit inactive.

In case you guys aren't away, long story short, eclipse is basically Deviantart's new, yet controversial site look that the company has been focusing on a lot. On the contrast, the new look didn't look good nor perfect, and because of that, it receive negative feedback from users who demand to switch to the old version. But ofc DA didn't listen and remove the ability to switch to the old site, which only strenghten the overwhelming backlash.

While I don't plan on leaving DA for good anytime soon, It's a possible chance that I may be less active there.

As previously mentioned, I plan on spending more time here on Newgrounds, although, I may see some content here that I find uncomfortable despite NG having filters that 75% works, I'll still try to be more active here and post more artworks here.

In speaking of which I may start posting some or all of my old artworks here.

Once again, as mentioned in the beginning of this account, I hope I'm more than welcome on the Newgrounds community and hopefully do something interesting here.

Thank you all for reading, God bless you all.

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